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4 Ways to Find and Keep New Clients
21 November 2016

4 Ways to Find and Keep New Clients

As a business owner, you’ll need a steady stream of customers to meet your sales targets and grow your business. To attract new clients and build a strong client base, you have to implement good marketing strategies. Let’s find out how you can get new customers and build lifelong relationships with them.

1. Focus on Your Target Group 

Instead of creating general marketing campaigns, narrow down your focus to your target group. Find out what interests and motivates your customers. Determine their age group and their spending capacity. Are they only males or is it a mixed group? Take their demographics into consideration and create a solid marketing campaign that will lure them. Remember, you’re assessing this group because you want them to spend money on your products. So get accurate information about them and find ways to serve them.

2. Have a Thorough Understanding of your Product

Before marketing your product to others, you should have a thorough understanding of it yourself. Once you know your product well, you’ll be better able to handle questions and queries from interested customers. Be prepared to answer all types of questions and share your knowledge about the product through webinars, blogs, and social media marketing.

3. Create Brand Awareness

There are many ways to do this. You could sponsor an event to get your name out there or you could hold a contest to encourage people to visit your website and register. You could also reserve a booth at community events to display your products and interact with new customers.

4. Using Branded Merchandise to Attract Customers 

Offer free promotional products to your regular customers to reward their loyalty. They will appreciate the gesture and come back to do business with you. Custom promotional merchandise should bear the company name or logo. The products should also be unique and useful

Custom branded merchandise has been show to improve brand awareness and increases sales. People who receive useful gifts are more likely to tell others about the company and its products. The items don’t have to be expensive. They could be anything from branded stationary to USB sticks and apparel.

You could also offer your customers a gift with purchase. To learn more about this option visit Image Group. We’ll take care of all the promotional merchandising needs for New Zealand.