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Key Promotional Product Trends you may not have considered
07 August 2017

Key Promotional Product Trends you may not have considered

If there is one significant shift we have seen in the promotional merchandise industry, it would be a move away from companies successfully being able to provide cheap, branded merchandise to their clients and customers. These low price-pointed items are no longer a strong enough marketing tool when used on their own. We need to look at the current trends especially within the millennial age, and recognise their buying patterns to successfully resonate with our prospects and gain their attention.

We are not saying that bottom line items are not useful marketing tools to generate brand recognition however, attracting quality leads is more important.

We have identified 3 key trends that we believe you should consider when planning your marketing strategies.



The first key trend we believe is important, is the use of higher perceived promotional merchandise. Customers want quality items that they can actually use, and are making stronger connections with companies handing out higher perceived items than those who aren’t. Those that aren’t are perceived as having not put in enough effort or time, and those that are, are creating and retaining quality leads.


  1.        TECHNOLOGY

As we all know the world of technology is ever expanding and developing to make our lives easier, and millennials are the largest adopters of these trends. Therefore, this is one of our largest growing categories. Technology merchandise can still be price pointed as well as having a higher perceived value than items that aren’t technology related. For example, wireless earbuds or phone wallets.

As identified above you need to ensure your clients are receiving valuable, useful items, ensuring they keep them longer, thus maximising brand exposure.


  1.        RETAIL BRANDS

Retail brands resonate and are extremely popular among millennials. Undeniably millennials are now a large portion of our audience as well as our employees which makes this is a key trend to consider.

Incorporating retail brands into your marketing strategy is key to resonating with your audience and their trends. You need to market your brand alongside key retail brands, in order to deliver useful, valuable merchandise to your audience.

Generic corporate apparel is no longer cutting the mustard and employee uniforms are key to brand consistency.  Consider incorporating retail brands into the uniform, or trendy designs that fit into their lifestyles. A couple of examples would be performance clothing, or brands such as AS Colour, or Macpac.


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