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We have 5 senses not 1
03 October 2017

We have 5 senses not 1

Brand activation, getting it right and employing the best tactics

Brand activations are about connecting the targeted consumer with the product/ brand, and doing this in such a way that they’re connected on an emotional level. The key is to find a way to shift the consumers perceptions to generate positive feelings towards the brand, bringing it to life and creating emotional engagement.

One thing to remember when creating a successful brand activation is you want to show the customer how to interact/ use the brand or product not tell them about your product. This way we can form long term emotional connections between the product/brand and the consumer.

When creating your brand activation, it is important to remember all 5 senses (sound, touch, smell, taste and sight) this is because you want the consumers senses to remember your product by not only sight but smell, taste etc. Smell actually generates 10,000 times more emotional stimuli than taste.


Here are a couple of promotional item ideas to inspire your activation:


      GWP: Jeep Carabiner

This item resonates with the target market, as we know the Jeep consumer is seen as active and adventurous. This item connects with their lifestyle thus used in their daily routine, exposing the brand to more potential customers as well as keeping the brand front of mind.


Source: http://www.fromupnorth.com/creative-advertising-978/


        Bus stop poster: Australian Post

Bus shelter advertisements are extremely effective, more often than large billboards as people spend time waiting for their bus and are exposed to it for longer periods. However the advertisement needs to be creative and attention grabbing- like the below Australian Post advertisement for personalising your post. 

Source: https://www.demilked.com/creative-bus-stop-advertisements/ Agency: M&C Saatchi


        Samples: Vantage Detergent creates Ketchup Stain Packets

Samples are a great way to expose your brand and generate awareness. It allows the consumer to take it home and have the product in hand. A great example of a successful sampling campaign was developed by DPZ Propaganda agency in Brazil where they developed a sample of the stain remover in the shape of ketchup (as in most Brazil households Ketchup is the biggest stain offender).


Source: https://www.psfk.com/2011/05/vantage-detergent-creates-ketchup-stain-packets-pic.html


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