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Digital vs Print
05 December 2017

Digital vs Print

Digital vs Print?

The print vs digital war. This topic is driven by our consumers and how they consume media. Undeniably we have seen an enormous shift in our consumers and how they’re consuming media. Advancements and increase in accessibility to technology and the internet has seen our customers as well as ourselves source news, entertainment and information from digital platforms more, concurrently effecting the print industry.

However, this is not to say the print industry is dead! But rather, businesses need to be implementing a multi-channel approach; a combination of both print and digital. Taking advantage of the benefits of print and the convenience and accessibility of digital.

The latest study conducted by Canadian neuromarketing firm TrueImpact and sponsored by Canadian Post looks at the effects of paper marketing vs digital media marketing. What they found was that print media was far more impactful than digital by eliciting emotion, allowing better connections and memories to be made around the brand, thus resulting in the consumer having better brand recall. Meanwhile, digital media allowed personalisation, localisation, targeting, audio, video and instant access.

Benefits of print:

-          Ability to elicit emotional connection

-          Increased memory/ brand recall

-          Ability to maximise sensory appeal

-          Vivid rich imagery


Benefits of digital:

-          24 hr instant accessibility

-          Personalisation

-          Localisation

-          Targeting

-          Audio and Video


Implement a multi-channel approach today and get the benefits of both paper and digital.

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