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2018 Promotional Trends
23 January 2018

2018 Promotional Trends

2018 is here, already! Time to re-set your marketing calendar and look at what adjustments need to be made to your promotional plan. In terms of 2018 trending items, we’ve identified these for you! All you need to do is get in contact with us, and we can work with you to plan your 2018 promotional merchandise. By looking at what has and hasn’t worked previously, we can incorporate trending items and increase brand awareness with a real impact.


We already know technology is taking over, but it is also always evolving. So on that note, take a look at some of the latest technology items trending. Its used daily by almost everyone which is why branded technology is a great way to drive brand awareness.

-          Wireless phone charges

-          Wireless head phones and ear buds

-          Bluetooth speakers

-          Solar chargers


Health trends are still buzzing with the increase in society to be healthier and fitter still rising. Promotional products that support this health trend will again be a successful way to incorporate your promotional merchandise into your customer’s lives.

-          Sports Bags

-          Vacuum sealed drink bottles

-          Cooling towels

-          Fit bit fitness trackers

-          Pedometers


Although the above items are trending as we speak, here some other practical items which can be incorporated seamlessly into your customer’s daily lives.

-          Calendars

-          Phone wallets

-          Tablet sleeves

-          Compendiums

-          USB flash drives

-          Pens

-          Re-usable coffee cups

-          Umbrellas