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Using Sustainable Products to Boost Your Company
28 March 2018

Using Sustainable Products to Boost Your Company

Sustainable products are services that offer satisfying solutions to customer needs and significant improvements in social and environmental performance along the whole product life cycle, in comparison to conventional or competing services.  Environmental Marketing Management: Meeting the Green Challenge, 1995, by Ken Peattie



There is no question that consumers are adopting sustainable behaviours more and more which indicates that as a business you cannot afford to ignore these trends. 84% of consumers buy eco friendly cleaning products, 77% grow our own fruit and vegies and 56% of us consider green energy solutions for our homes.


Us kiwis are far more interested in choosing sustainable services or goods as we want to see our personal values reflected in the businesses and brands we support and deal with. This trend to support sustainable businesses and products is only growing, especially among Gen Y which will make up 24% of the market within 3 years.


As we look at the direction consumer trends are heading and continue to, we see consumers priorities are firstly considered on functionality and pricing, but closely followed by personal wellbeing and collective wellbeing.


If you don’t jump on board now and offer your customers or potential customers what they’re looking for, which are sustainable options to your services then you will fall behind.



Below are a number of key promotional merchandise trends we are seeing take off

Consider these sustainable options and how you may incorporate them into your marketing plan, instead of taking the possibly cheaper more environmentally damaging option.


The number 1 trend taking off is of course Re-usable Coffee Cups!

These come in so many shapes, colours and styles there is something for everyone. They make great corporate gifts that actually get used! A cheap affordable option to gift to staff or even potential customers.


Number 2: Cotton Tote Bags

Plastic bags are out and re-usable shopping bags are in! Jump on board and support the environment. Take advantage of the fact that consumers will need re-usable shopping bags and get your logo and name out there!


Number 3: Vacuum Insulated Bottles

These eco safe stainless-steel drink bottles keep drinks cold or hot for up to 24 hours. Extremely popular and environmentally friendly, they have great high perceived value and work excellently as corporate gifts.

Number 4: Bamboo Flash Drive & Notebooks

Eco-friendly office supplies are a great way to move your company towards more sustainable practices. As corporate social responsibility is a rising topic and many businesses have environmental targets to meet eco office supplies help decrease the companies environut impact.