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Maximise your event engagement
23 April 2018

Maximise your event engagement

Yourself and the team have done the hard work and come up with an exciting event idea to launch your new product, the marketing team have picked out the perfect promotional merchandise and the whole team are eagerly awaiting the day of the event…. or at least this is how you would like to describe your event and its execution.

In this blog we will discuss ideas around event management and maximising your ROI (return on investment). Follow the steps below closely to ensure your event is executed and managed correctly.


  1.        Firstly you need to start with the idea of your event, think about what your overall goal is.

The idea needs to resonate with your potential and existing customers. Key questions to ask yourself whilst designing the event are why will the target market care about your event? Why will they engage in the event? And how will they engage?


It is key that you fully understand your audience and what they are interested in in order to be able to develop an event idea that will resonate with them.  Ensure that you continuously ask yourself throughout the development of your event the key questions above to ensure every element of the event is successful.



  1.        The event idea must be creative, measurable and relevant. As discussed above it is important to ensure the event idea is relevant to your target market thus ensuring the event is personal to them.  Making the event feel personal to the customer will encourage them to act on their feelings rather than just what a brand wants them to do.



  1.        It is extremely important in this day and age to adopt a multi channel approach when developing your event idea. Its important to engage with all touch points of the target market to exhaust all engagement. The event should embody experiential marketing, social, and digital marketing.


Consider how the event will embody brand attributes, lasting impression and influence consumers to take the next steps to become brand advocates not acquaintances.



  1.        Now its time to think about how you are going to keep the target market engaged at the event or activation. One key channel every event should adopt no matter what the age of the target market should be social media. Your social media strategy should run throughout the event, before and after.


A coupled of ideas that you could incorporate into your social media strategy would firstly be getting the event onto Facebook. Being active on Facebook can allow you to create hype around the event before and after. A couple of ways to encourage your target market to talk about your event on Facebook could be to; create a photo wall at the event, create a hashtag for the event or run a competition with a couple of lucky attendees winning high perceived valued prizes.



  1.        We have talked about engaging customers through social media now lets look at engaging the crowd at the event. 90% of event attendees who engage in crowd games will remember the brand that hosted it. Crowd games both physical and digital create brand awareness among the audience. Engaging with the crowd throughout the event is another interactive way to show the audience that you care about them, and we know that people don’t care about how much you know until they know you actually care about them as customers.


Another interactive way to engage your audience is by developing a app that throughout the event attendees can unlock certain levels eventually unlocking a final prize of some sort. This will help engage attendees in the event by making them fully interact with all the bits and bobs going on at the event. Utilising technology can make the event fun and interactive.



These are just a couple of ideas and strategies to help develop a strong presence within your crowd by encouraging your crowd to engage with the event. Events can be extremely successful and useful in creating brand awareness, loyalty and presence but only when all the right channels and tools are adopting and exhausted. These are just a few elements and ideas to consider however get creative and think outside the box when developing your event.