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The don’ts of using promotional merchandise
10 May 2018

The don’ts of using promotional merchandise

Promotional merchandise can be an extremely useful marketing tool as a means of reaching out to existing and potential customers by generating brand awareness and starting conversations. However, in order to generate the correct results from handing out promotional merchandise it needs to be implemented correctly. These key steps will allow you to optimize your campaign and increase your ROI.


Firstly, don’t go ahead and order random merchandise without a strategy in place.

Think about why you’re investing in this promotional merchandise, what is your key objective? Are you wanting to generate brand awareness and spread the word about your company? Are you a new business with the aim to win over new customers? Or are you simply running this merchandise to retain your customers turning them into loyal customers? Or are you running a gift with purchase promotion? The list goes on and your objective could be a combination of these examples, but you still need to identify your objective in order to implement the correct strategy.


Secondly, don’t order last minute.

Plan out what merchandise you would like to integrate with your marketing strategy and think about this before you need it. There are a lot of options available including branding options. It would be to your advantage to explore all these options to ensure you are getting the best promotional merchandise suited to you and your needs. Leaving these options to the last minute means you will rush this process and may not chose the most suitable merchandise.


Thirdly, don’t sacrifice the quality and value for a few dollars.

There is a lot of cost effective merchandise out there which can be great but only for the right promotions. Again, think about your strategy and make sure your merchandise aligns with this. As the saying goes sometimes less is more. In certain situations, such as in a strategy to turn your customers into loyal customers you may invest in higher perceived merchandise as a reward for those customers who have been loyal. You want to deliver a reward to your loyal customers that shows you appreciate their loyalty and, giving them something cheap and nasty won’t say this. Although you may be able to give away more merchandise it won’t have the same results.

However, if your strategy is to generate brand awareness you may go for something more cost effective that will allow you to give out as many units as possible. Although the product may not have a high perceived value the item may be useful in your customers daily life therefore will be used daily thus keeping your company at the forefront.


Promotional merchandise can be a great tool to enhance your strategies and generate increased ROI. However as discussed above a strategy must be in place. Below are a couple of suggestions of when promotional merchandise may be a great idea to incorporate into your strategy.

-          Conferences

-          Open houses

-          Fundraising events

-          Golf tournaments

-          Contests

-          Awards ceremonies

-          Customer appreciation events